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Are you looking for an experienced private investigator in Canada? Turn to ClearMind Research and Investigation. As a trusted agency that helps clients nationwide, we have a team of senior investigators and research specialists who are ready to provide their expert assistance. Count on us for accurate and reliable results. We can help you uncover the answers you need. Experience our dedicated services today.

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Looking for an experienced private investigator in Canada? We specialize in various services, including surveillance and custody case investigations, infidelity investigations, witness interviewing, as well as undercover work research, skip tracing, property searches, OSINIT research and due diligence investigations for corporate decisions.

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Our dedicated team of experienced investigators is committed to uncovering the truth, gathering critical evidence, and providing actionable insights.


Our skilled interviewers employ proven techniques to conduct thorough and effective interviews, providing valuable insights and gathering critical information.

Property Searches

We offer a comprehensive property search services, providing you with vital information to make informed decisions about real estate transactions, investments, and more.

Skip Tracing

Our skilled investigators employ advanced techniques and access comprehensive databases to track down individuals and uncover hidden assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

A private investigator is someone that is hired to carry out different investigative services. These services include surveillance, background checks, and locating individuals. As well as fraud investigations, and more. Their knowledge can help people, and businesses, to get information and evidence for legal, personal, or professional objectives.

Specific skills and rules are needed to become a private investigator in Canada. You must be of age, have no criminal record, and complete an approved training program. Sometimes getting a license from approved regulatory bodies is also needed.

Experienced private investigators in Ottawa can help people with different things. They can find out information about others, check backgrounds, and investigate if someone is being unfaithful. Investigators can look into insurance fraud, search for belongings, find missing people, help with legal cases, and more. They use different ways and tools to gather information and proof while following the law.

Yes, private investigators can collect evidence that can be used in court. But it's important to know that whether the evidence is allowed in court depends on a few things. This includes how it was found and if it follows the rules and ethics. Private investigators follow the law when collecting evidence to make sure it can be used and trusted in court.

The price of hiring an experienced private investigator in Ottawa depends on a few things like how complicated the case is, and how long the investigation will take. Private investigators usually use an hourly rate. It's a good idea to talk about the cost with the investigator before hiring them.

Yes, it is legal and right to hire an experienced private investigator in Ottawa, as long as they follow the rules and do what's fair. Private investigators have rules to follow. They need to respect people's privacy, keep secrets, and treat everyone's rights with care when they do their work.

How long a private investigation takes can change a lot based on what the case is like. Some investigations might be done in a few days, but others could take many weeks or even months to finish. The investigator will give an idea of how long it might take based on what they need to do and what they want to find out.

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